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Graduate Program

The Sociology program at Cal State Fullerton offers a comprehensive Masters of Arts program in Sociology. Whether you’re a recent graduate looking to expand your research skills and continue later in a PhD program, interested in teaching at a community college, or a working professional looking to enhance your analytical and applied research skills, the graduate program in sociology can be tailored to your needs.

The CSUF Sociology MA program is committed to public and critical sociology based on rigorous research methods, a solid grounding in social theory, and professional application.  We provide opportunities for graduate students to hone their teaching skills and to participate in independent and faculty research projects. Students can focus their studies on a variety of areas including: 

                Race, Class, Gender                
Applied Sociology
Crime and Deviance

Social Inequalities
Sports and Culture
Food Studies

Comprised of nationally and internationally recognized scholars who hold doctorate degrees from prestigious universities across the US, our faculty is active in the field and intent on putting students first.  

We have an outstanding record of placing graduate students and a reputation as one of the strongest graduate programs in the California State system. Graduates of our program have gone on to be community college professors, graduate students at the doctoral level, social workers, and professionals in the not-for-profit and government sectors.

Graduate Program Student Learning Outcomes

  1. 1. Graduate students will demonstrate, through application to real world problems, their grasp of sociological theory. 
  2. 2. Graduate students will demonstrate in-depth knowledge in a specific domain of sociological research specialization (e.g. gender, race/ethnicity, education, inequality, political sociology, etc.). 
  3. 3. Graduate students will apply core concepts in an area of research specialization through the interpretation of sociological data, using such concepts. 
  4. 4. Graduate students will either design and implement a qualitative or quantitative research program, with data generation or data analysis, and the writing-up of research findings, or assess design options in the comprehensive exam.